Exterior Painting Contractors

Painting the outside of your house doesn’t just smarten it up, it also protects bricks and woodwork from the elements. Most builders and exterior painting contractors will recommend that you repaint the outside of your home approximately every five or six years.

Exterior Painting Contractors | Lee Hughes Decorating and Building BanburyAs experienced painting and decorating contractors, we’ll do more than just add fresh paint to your walls. We first assess the condition of your existing paint work and remedy problems like mildew, damaged woodwork or loose or cracked render.

Next we’ll prepare all surfaces to be painted and sand glossy walls lightly to allow the new paint to bond more easily to the wall.  We prime all bare wood before painting and fill or patch damaged aread in your woodwork. We also fill all gaps in your brickwork and gaps where woodwork and bricks join.

Finally, we’ll apply masonry paint and woodstain in your chosen colour to give your home a bright fresh look. Windows and doors are first painted with an undercoat before having a second coat of gloss paint applied.

Watch footage of one of our recent exterior painting and decorating jobs in Banbury:

As exterior painting contractors we also paint gates, fences, sheds, decking, outbuildings and garage doors.  We advise on the best materials to use to keep your masonry and woodwork safe from wind and weather.

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